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Christian Perez | 07.18.2017

We are a small two-man team focused on making simple utilitarian applications. Our team is comprised of Designer Christian Perez, and Developer Mikey Moraza.

Our first app was a complete failure. We didn’t even make it passed initial design concepts. We tried to embark on a sophisticated app that helped you price your cakes; both of our mothers are pastry chefs. It was our first app and we were being overly ambitious. The difficulty and scale of that project discouraged us. Failing affected us subconsciously, so much so that it wouldn’t be until 3 years later that we attempt to build another app. This time, the goal was simple. We literally sat down and said, “what’s the simplest app we can build?” We thought that if we could get one app completed from start to finish, we’d be able to grow from there. We were right.

We’ve created three simple, successful apps. The last app being our most successful to date with over 300k users over the past 3 years, and being featured on Forbes, TheNextWeb, and Product Hunt. The Name App, an app that helps you find an available name for your brilliant ideas. This app was the most simple and minimal of all. The idea was thought of, designed, developed, and published as an app in one weekend. Despite the simplicity, it has been the app that truly resonates with people. It’s everything we ever wanted. Users tell us about how they use The Name App almost daily, and that makes us happy. That’s why we do what we do.

With the success of the name app, we’ve decided to rebrand all our apps and even our company to follow the same minimal design language. We will be slowly relaunching all of our old apps, releasing some new ones, and documenting everything here on our new website.

We are The Apps Company, we make The Apps.

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